Hirdaya Meditation Online Satsang

Online Sessions
Timeless wisdom and techniques from the Himalayas

  • Heidi Hirdaya Bring meditation and higher thinking into your daily life
  • Ask questions, get practical answers and techniques
  • Obtain wise personal guidance
  • Create a regular meditation practice
  • Develop, maintain and mature your existing practice
  • Strengthen your inner awareness
  • Learn to apply clarity and freedom in all your life situations to create more peace, happiness and fulfillment for you and your world


"The first meditation/satsang I attended, I knew that I had found what I had been searching for spiritually for many years. Being in satsang brought me to my Self and supported a meditative practice that dropped me deeper and deeper into the well of my Source. After years, I continue to be amazed by the continuing depth and expansion which permeates all that I do. I continue to return again and again for the joy that meditation brings and for the peace the mind receives by being fed in satsang. I feel blessed that I have this meditation/satsang group with Heidi as my spiritual guide and her teachings, which are based in a timeless tradition. My being is nurtured and satisfied."
Eileen Wilson, Montessori Teacher

I can say without a doubt, that years of practicing with Heidi have had a profound impact on my life. Heidi holds the space like few others. Being in satsang with Heidi draws one into that same space of oneness and develops a strong community of like-minded people. Whether in person or over Skype my connection with Heidi never fails to remind me that there is the field of change in the field of the eternal and to call me back to that space of pure, free, forever. Reconnecting with the field of the eternal during our monthly satsang had become an essential part of my life and I recommend Skype sessions with Heidi and all of her other offerings to anyone who yearns for true peace and Self realization.
Chris Clancy, Deep Cove, BC

May Satsang
The Light of the Knower
Wednesday May 16, 2018
7:30 PM PST

$40 CAD

Group Online Satsang Sessions

Through this regular contact with wisdom, guidance, techniques for meditation and clear thinking, these sessions are designed to support your own inner awareness, freedom, and power, so you can live masterfully in the fulfillment and peace that is your true nature. We use Zoom video conferencing software which is easy to use. A recording of each session is provided for you to listen to at your leisure.


Twice-a-Month Satsang Group
12 Sessions
Thursday evenings, 7:30 PM PST
Includes recordings of each session

$480 CAD

Once-a-Month Satsang Group
6 Sessions
Sunday evenings 7:30 PM PST
Includes recordings of each session

$240 CAD

One-on-One Online Sessions

One-on-one sessions are completely tailored to your specific needs or questions. Contact me to book a private session. We use Zoom video conferencing software which is easy to use. A recording of each session is provided for you to listen to at your leisure.

Sliding Scale: $125—$160 CAD

Appreciation for Online Sessions

I began studying with Heidi in a Satsang group via Skype about four years ago.  I had just moved to Cranbrook, BC, Heidi was living in India, and the existing group lived in the Vancouver area. Not being a savvy computer user, and never using Skype before, I was a bit nervous about being able to connect with the group.  I was surprised at how easy it was to download and set up Skype.  Mostly though, it was amazing how connected I felt to everyone in Satsang even though we were physically great distances apart.  It was so lovely to hear Heidi's teaching and her beautiful voice every month.  I relocated two additional times within that four years and continued to feel united with the group no matter where I physically lived. I would strongly recommend using Skype to continue your spiritual journey with Heidi's Satsang teachings!
Deanne Dankovitch, Vancouver, BC

After several years of being part of a "meet in person" Satsang group with Hirdaya in Vancouver I was not confident that we would be able to create a similar connection over the internet's "ether." I approached our group's first SKYPE session with some trepidation. I thought that the distance would be obvious, that our connection would not be strong, either technically or emotionally and I wanted to meditate with the rest of "my" group present. What I have found over the several years that we have been using SKYPE, is that we do maintain the same connection we had when physically in each other's presence. I was surprised by how strong this connection is when our group sits in meditation over SKYPE, and I am delighted that I feel the presence and energy of each and every person who has joined in that session. So if you are hesitating to use technology for furthering your practice with Satsang study, don't! The technology is simply another tool that enables us to meet with ease and in a way that accommodates the varied schedules of our group.
Peg Neilon, Roberts Creek, BC

I first met Heidi about 7 years ago.  She touched my heart with her clear voice and wisdom but I have only truly come to cherish her through our ongoing contact and study on Skype.  I have been studying the Gita with her for about 2 years now.  Perhaps 20 Skype sessions  But it seems so much more as her teachings are always with me.  No matter what the focus of the particular verses we are studying, there is always a moment so intimate and personal that I think this must have been made just for me.  I grow a little every time we meet online. But it is in the weeks afterwards where the true growth happens, as I gather her teachings into my daily life.  That is the beauty of Heidi's teaching - she is not teaching us to meditate and be separate but to bring our meditation and understanding into our daily lives so that our growing awareness permeates everyone and everything we touch.
Maureen Witney,Bowen Island, BC

I have been a meditation student of Heidi's for the last nine years. I find that Heidi's Skype Satsang sessions from India allow me to continue to deepen my practice and stay connected to the deeper wisdom of my Self with a small group of people who have the same goal and purpose.
E. Wilson, Tsawassen, BC

I have been studying with Heidi for many years, yet each satsang with her still yields new insights. Her deep knowledge, perceptivity and understanding - not to mention her lovely music - combine to gently inspire deepening inner growth. I have come to treasure our monthly satsangs, which have continued surprisingly successfully via Skype even when Heidi is away in India.
Emily McCullum, Bowen Island, BC

When I started Satsang with Hirdaya a few years later, my understanding deepened and she gave me a venue for discussing, turning around ideas, getting out of the "box" of the mind. Through Satsang with Hirdaya, I now have words to describe my feelings and thoughts, I now have someone to go to with ideas that others may think are strange, to break them down and come up with an understanding. Satsang has also introduced me to a whole new family of like-minded people, each on their own path of discovery. Today, I know I am a spiritual being, in this physical body, learning the lessons of this life, moving along the path towards enlightenment. I am now able to be in this moment more often than previously, I am now able to listen to the "knowing" of my Self, which has made this life so much more enjoyable and meaningful. Thanks to Hirdaya and her skills and knowledge, I am continuing to learn and share, and I am at home, not missing anything.
Dorothy Fizzell, Vancouver, BC

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