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Every workshop with Heidi is enlightening!  Her ability to bring clarity to the ancient teachings of yoga and meditation is remarkable!  Not only that, her angelic voice is such a delightful experience!  It is a pleasure to make space in life to spend some time with Heidi.
— Marion (Mugs) McConnell, IYTA, ERYT500, SOYA, SYVC, Co-Director, SOYA Yoga Teacher Training,Canadian Representative for IYTA

Sometimes, when you least expect it, someone shows up in a way that changes your life. This person speaks in a way where you come to know that life actually is perfect and unchanging. It may all sound new at first, but somewhere deep in the recesses of your being, a light begins to shine. You find yourself happy, light and content while in their presence, and afterward. If you meet such a person, consider yourself blessed and fortunate: you are now open and ready to listen. This person is your reflection and guide, back to that pure light that is already within you. I know such a person; her name is Heidi. Welcome to satsang.
Gavin Koh, Executive, Life Coach

Heidi's warmth and love is the first thing I noticed when I joined her meditation group. The second thing was her clarity about the practice of meditation and her ability to express complex truths simply and demystify the jargon. Her chanting sessions were powerful and the singing joyous and transcending. I felt I had "come home" to a spiritual community.
— Margaret Holler,C.A.

Meditation has enabled me to reclaim the sweetness, joy and sense of freedom I missed as the world seemed to crowd around me in my forties. Heidi generously yet patiently guided me along this path of oneness where I have indeed been able to find myself and, to my delight, many other travelers, most of whom are now my very dear friends. Every day I acknowledge my gratitude for knowing her, for meditation, and learning to "live" again!
— Sharon Williams, Realtor

In my quest for "purpose" in my life I had attempted a meditation practice several times over the years without success. It wasn't until I met Heidi and finally understood the purpose of meditation-to realize the Self, to become one with God-that it started to come together for me. As I have continued to study with Heidi I have also come to understand that this purpose of meditation is, in fact, the purpose of my life.
— Chris Emery, Nurse

The first meditation/satsang I attended, I knew that I had found what I had been searching for spiritually for many years. Being in satsang brought me to my Self and supported a meditative practice that dropped me deeper and deeper into the well of my Source. After years, I continue to be amazed by the continuing depth and expansion which permeates all that I do. I continue to return again and again for the joy that meditation brings and for the peace the mind receives by being fed in satsang. I feel blessed that I have this meditation/satsang group with Heidi as my spiritual guide and her teachings, which are based in a timeless tradition. My being is nurtured and satisfied.
— Eileen Wilson, Montessori Teacher

Heidi, who has been my teacher for several years, has been the strongest guiding light on my path to Self Realization. She has the knowledge of Saraswati-the goddess of music and learning, the strength of Shakti-the divine female energy that overcomes all obstacles, and the commitment of Savitri-the ultimate embodiment of love.
— Medha Prabhu, Physiotherapist

Heidi's natural intelligence and knowledge has been honed to a sharp edge, not only by her own interests and studies, but through her many years in India. Heidi brings her passion, joy and dedication to every satsang. She is an inspiration.
— Rosemary Mohr, Executive Director - BCAMI and BCICAC

Heidi has been an ambassador to my own land, my own Self, and her brilliance and heart never cease to astound me.
— Coral de Shield, Head, Program & Planning Coordination, Canadian Wildlife Service

Heidi brings the splendid combination of keen intellect and an open and accepting heart to her work in helping us to understand and uncover the mind and thereby reveal the true Self. Thank you for your guidance and generosity, Heidi!
— Dacia Moss, Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner

Heidi teaches that knowledge is the key to understanding and quieting the mind. The time spent with her is joyful, fun and stimulating and leaves me with a feeling of peace and enough knowledge to continue on my path of becoming a gracious and loving person in oneness. The chanting and singing, led by her wonderful voice are so special and lead us into meditation in such a peaceful manner.
— Sandy Congram, M.D.

It has been a pleasure to have studied with Heidi for the past few years. After each visit with her, I come back to my life with a renewed sense of purpose, clarity and peace. Her gentle, loving way honours each person she meets, encouraging the unfolding and blossoming of the Divine within themselves.
Denise de Jose, Artist, Community Health Worker

I have been attending Heidi's meditation classes for a year now- sometimes alone, sometimes with my teenaged daughter. What a wonderful experience! As a result of her classes, I have developed a daily meditation practice and a much healthier sleep pattern. Heidi is gentle, intelligent, compassionate, and gifted-a real treat to spend time with. I highly recommend her classes to anyone seeking more peace in their lives.
Vicki Fenn, Life Coach

Heidi has been a great inspiration to me. She helped me to go within and opened a deeper insight which will help me to be better person. Thank you!
Yadvindr Dang, Ophthalmologist

I am a better person for having shared satsangs with Heidi. Her gift of song and wisdom lifts one's soul to where it should be. I leave her beautiful person feeling blessed and refreshed.
Dariel Vogel, E-RYT.,S.O.Y.A.,Y.A.A.,I.Y.T.A.,F.K.Y.S.,Y.B.C.

Meditation with Heidi brings me into such peace and awareness that carries forward into my daily life. Without her support, I am sure those challenges faced would not be as easily embraced and understood in such a non-judgmental, encompassing way. Meditation reinforces my inner serenity and keeps me in touch with my source.
Anna Mannering, ReLeaf Whole Body Alignment